A holiday memory

On my first trip to Australia in 2001 I took almost 25 rolls of film in a two week period. This was before I got my digital camera and my Canon EOS 500 did me proud. I’m not sure how it happened but it was probably the incredible flora and fauna that inspired me but it was also a challenge to capture this flora and fauna. I remember getting more than one odd look when I was standing in front of yet another tree taking a close up picture of it’s bark. Once home I wanted to frame some pictures of what had been the most incredible holiday, but I could not quite decide which picture I’d look at on a daily basis. Going through the pictures, I was once again inspired by the patterns and colours I saw and I ended up with this:
How it was done?
Simply scanning my prints, selecting the bits with the best patterns, repeating the patterns in a row and arranging the rows one below the other. No fancy software required, Powerpoint did the trick.
This picture hangs above my bed. It’s a very personal memory as no one else looking at it even knows what all the different bits are. But I can guarantee one thing: When I look at this picture either just before going to bed or just after waking up, I remember, and I smile.

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